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Best Friends, A Pet Crematorium - Jackson, MS


Our pets fill a very special place in our lives

Losing a pet we love is often as difficult as losing a person to whom we have been close through the years. Remembering the years of love and care given our pets, and the lifetime of companionship and devotion returned, we cherish their memories long after their brief lives have ended. So when their lives are over, we want their final tribute to be as loving and dignified as possible. Best Friends is a service that helps your family observe the grieving process we go through when we lose someone important to us. It is proper that we give some thought to our pet's final arrangements.
Owner Caressing Gently Her Dog - Pet Crematory in Jackson, MS
You have several options when your pet passes, and you may want to talk about them with your veterinarian before the time comes. Best Friends offers cremation service in a clean, modern facility, to return your beloved pet to its original elements, which you may then choose to keep in a special urn or bury in a favorite place. Or we will scatter the ashes for you in the countryside.
Our caring and compassionate staff can guide you through our services. From pre-planning to cremation, we'll help you through this difficult time. We also offer veterinarian pick up services.

Urns & Caskets

Memorialize your pet with a unique urn, marker or keepsake. If you choose to bury your beloved pet we carry pet caskets as well. Please let us know how we can help.
Please contact us for more information regarding monuments, caskets, urns, eco-friendly burial products and cremation services.
Best Friends has been providing service to Jackson, MS and the surrounding areas since 1998. We have been there and have helped our clients through tough times. We look to provide the best possible arrangement for you and your pet. Over the years we have heard incredible feedback from our past clients and would love to share it with you. Click here to visit our testimonials page. If there is ever a time for us to help you with your pets final arrangements, don't hesitate to call us.